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Media: Coffee filters

One might ask what is a filter. For me filters were things that I used to try to avoid uncomfortable situations. Things that helped me stay well planted in my comfort zone. Things that stifled my growth. When I first came to America, because I thought that it would be difficult to fully express myself due to language and cultural barriers, I interacted with people behind invisible filters. In doing so, I attempted to hide aspects of myself while ignoring important pieces of others. I hid the things that make me ‘me’ and ignored the things that make them ‘them’, much in the same way that one would ignore the coffee residue left behind on a used coffee filter.

As I spent more time with people in America, however, I realized that much like visible light, a person’s inner light cannot be restrained by something as primitive as a filter. Our inner light desires to be seen. It wants to shine through. Rather than be tucked away, it wants to tell its story. It wants to breakthrough. Without restraint, let your light shine. Let it tell its story.

I would like to bring awareness to the invisible filters that we sometimes stand behind on a daily basis. While it would be nice to completely eliminate these filters, it may not always be possible. However, just as with coffee filters, despite the existence of filters in our lives, some small amount of light still shines through. Because filters allow light to pass through them in both directions, if we work together we can draw out and strengthen said light. If both parties try to understand each other despite the filters, we can create a stronger light. A desire to understand one another despite our differences can make the world a better place.