One Night


My room, Mizu Yokan(A kind of Japanese sweet), Devin's T-shirt

I was thinking about how I could show the piece “Reconstitution” as a performance piece at my candidacy show. How could I invite the audience to view my performance work (be present in my imaginary world)? I reconstructed an exact copy of my room in the gallery space, and invited the audience to view my actions from a gap in the window shades, and the open door. I wanted to perform more privately and sacredly. When the viewers saw the private activity, of me biting and spitting a human shape of jelly on her bed, they hesitated to watch for a long time. Perhaps it was because of the normally private nature of the action taking place in the gallery. I still don’t know why I wanted to show the piece in public, I wanted to show how much I feel for my love, and the feeling I cannot express in words to him. After the performance he said it was “disgusting”, all the while smiling.