Glass, wood frame, Red bean paste (A kind of Japanese sweet)

I became interested in the act of ‘licking’ due to the many different reactions I received from the previous performance "Look At Me". Many visitors were both surprised and disgusted at the sight of me licking the sheet glass. I figured that my boyfriend is probably the only person who can accept this action without being disgusted. I like to bite and lick his body to show my passion. Similarly, he accepts my action without complaint to illustrate his love for me. I think this sort of behavior is normal for couples who love each other. Through this, I feel closer to him. I once had a dream that I ate his entire body. Rather than just eating him, I want to create something with him. I’m using food to symbolize my boyfriend’s body. Through biting and spitting out pieces of his body made by red bean paste (a kind of Japanese sweet) onto a canvas, my saliva and his body fuse together to create a new body.