Worries of a 30 year old single woman -Uterus-


Video work


I made a video about the relationship between me and my uterus. Since I was sick of being a woman, I wanted to show what I am doing and how I am thinking about my uterus everyday. I was a girl until my first period came. As I am getting older, I am losing my “cuteness and my purity”. Dripping fake blood on a tampon cake that I fabricated, attempts to show the transition from cuteness (& purity) to the grossness which I now felt I have in my life. Inserting tampons (as I do) is one of the most uncomfortable things for me to do. In the performance, the repeated knocking of a bamboo seesaw, shows my obsession and exhaustion with this monthly insertion. Every night I take my birth control pill. I have to swear (every night) “I don’t need a baby.” These really are some of the most painful words for me to say. In the video, I am repeating this phrase (“I don’t need a baby”) and recording the action of taking the pill, this all indicates my sadness.